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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Orange Vocoder

The Prosoniq Orange Vocoder Plug-In for PC and Mac VST provides you with an all digital simulation of a 24-band high quality analog vocoder. It is a real-time 8-voice vocoder that uses any input source/VST audio track or its own built in oscillator as a carrier signal, and any VST audio track as the modulator. Also onboard are a virtual analog synth with 2 osc. and 10 waveforms, 7 sampled sounds, Freeform EQ, Filterbank Reverb, LFO, a filter with distortion and an instant flip switch to instantly exchange carrier and modulator signals.

The flexibility is greatest in the fully customizable Freeform EQ. It has 12 nodes, ranging from 20 Hz to 20 kHz and resolving from +30 dB to -30 dB. This allows you to selectively shape the sounds processed giving you greater flexibility than many hardware vocoders. The Orange Vocoder sounds great and with unlimited memory for settings saved with your sequences it makes a great and affordable Vocoder.

File name: ( Vcoder


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